The People’s Front


Originally released two and a half years after the great Seventh Congress of the Comintern formulated the People’s Front tactic as the central task of the Communist Parties in the capitalist world. During this period the Communist Party of the United States has advanced in every field the slogan for a broad anti-fascist People’s Front. To demonstrate the vital need of the tactic, to test its efficacy in the day-to-day welding together of the American working class and progressive forces, with the Communist Party as the stimulating and uniting element, this book serves as the full, authentic guide.

We contend for democratic rights today with the full knowledge and emphasis that in this precise period in history the struggle for democracy is penetrated with revolutionary meaning. As monopoly capital becomes increasingly the promoter of counter-revolutionary fascism and deserts even the pretense of democracy, moving aggressively against the democratic forces in every land, the people’s struggle for democracy becomes progressively the struggle against capitalism.`


Publication Date: March 18, 2024
Pages: 290
Binding: Paperback


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