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What is to Be Done?


“What is to be Done” is a seminal work by Vladimir Lenin, published in 1902, which outlines his vision for a revolutionary socialist movement in Russia. Lenin argues that the working class, on its own,
cannot develop a class consciousness and that a vanguard of professional revolutionaries is necessary to lead the way. He stresses the importance of organizing this vanguard into a disciplined, centralized party that is committed to a scientific understanding of Marxist theory and strategy. In Lenin’s view, such a party must engage in political agitation and propaganda, not only among the working class but also among other oppressed groups, in order to
build a broad-based movement for social change.

Lenin’s “What is to be Done” has had a profound impact on Marxist theory and practice, and it remains a classic text of revolutionary thought. His call for a vanguard party and his emphasis on the importance of disciplined organization and strategic thinking have influenced numerous revolutionary movements around the world. Despite its controversial aspects, Lenin’s work remains an important contribution to the ongoing debate about how to build a socialist movement that is capable of achieving meaningful social change.

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Publication Date: May 9, 2023
Pages: 284
Binding: Paperback

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