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Science and Religion By Marcel Cachin


Communism does not choose among religion. We know that their role was and still is immense. Communism teaches neither scorn nor hate for these ancient forms of men’s thought before science. It recommends that we study their origins and history in order to understand them. It will then be found that our present is bound up with the past, that many old ideas have survived in men’s minds, and also that, despite appearances, there is a continuity of one culture to another. Communism bases itself on man: real, concrete, living, thinking, suffering man. Man and his destiny – that is the sole aim of the efforts of communism. There are some two
billion human beings scattered over the earth. The historic role of communism is to guarantee to each and every one of them freedom, joy, and the complete development of his physical and moral well-being. This is for all men whatever they may be, wherever they come from.

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Publication Date: September 15, 2019
Pages: 40
Binding: Paperback

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