Platform No. 2


The second issue of the Official Organ of the World Anti-Imperialist Platform. The list of articles can be found below:

1. Work Socialism and War
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin [with G. Y. Zinoviev]

2. Article Glory to the heroes of Stalingrad!
Harpal Brar | Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

3. Article Faced with the Euro-Atlantic warmongers of a potentially exterminating third world war:
Build a new Communist International, relaunch the Global Anti-Imperialist Front and give impetus to the struggles of the international working class!
Fadi Kassem | Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF);
Georges Gastaud | Initiative Communiste (IC), France;
Boris Differ | Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF)

4. Article The political stance of the Communist Party of Greece … a communist stance?
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

5. Article 10 commandments of the most volatile opportunism and revisionism
Patelis Dimitrios | Collective of Struggle for the Revolutionary Unification of Humanity, Greece

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Publication Date: July 21, 2023
Pages: 48
Binding: Paperback

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