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Inside Liberated Poland


First hand observations written by foreign correspondent who traveled in areas few female or male journalists had access to. Written by world traveler Anna Louise Strong (1885 1970), a reporter dedicated to social justice issues. A leftist radical, she covered I.W.W. trials and labor strikes in the Pacific Northwest before becoming a socialist. She was the Moscow correspondent for the American Friends Service Committee and International News Service, and traveled extensively throughout Russia, Asia and Eastern Europe. Strong traveled in Poland during November and December 1944. She was the first American to meet and talk with “members of the Polish army who aided the Red Army in clearing Poland of the German invaders.” She writes of various generals and politicians involved in the liberation of Poland, the Polish Committee of National Liberation, Polish Trade Unions, Warsaw, Lodz, etc.


Publication Date: December 31, 2023
Pages: 78
Binding: Paperback


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