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How A Party Of Communists USA Club Functions


This pamphlet points out the general principles of club organization and functioning. It presents a direction in which we strive to develop our clubs. It presents for the most part the model club. Probably there is not a single club, even the best, that fits this model 100%. As a matter of fact, it would be incorrect if any club did because then it would not reflect the particular features of the area of responsibility of that club, its size, and its personnel.
What may be correct for a club of five members will not be correct for a club of 25. The kind of shop or community in which the club works, its social composition, its age composition, the relative level of Party consciousness of its membership, will all have a great bearing on how to develop the club in the directions indicated. There can be no blueprint, and great flexibility is required. Yet, the direction for which we strive is not at all arbitrary, for unless it is pursued, the Party Of Communists USA cannot exist as a party of the Leninist new type.

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Publication Date: October 4, 2020
Pages: 39
Binding: Paperback

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